Rolflex Sectional Doors

The Rolflex Compact Sectional door is of the new generation of sectional doors. It incorporates all the features and advantages of other service doors such as strength, security and high insulation as well as features you won’t find in other sectional doors such as low installation space requirement, low maintenance requirement and a high speed option.

Rolflex Compact – The perfect space saver

Why the Compact door?

With its smooth operation and low maintenance, the Rolflex compact door is ideal for many workplaces including car showrooms, logistical warehouses, heavy goods loading areas and areas specializing in the food industry.

The Rolflex door comes with a wide range of options such as panels and colours including full/part vision sections and food safe panels.

The advantages of the Compact sectional door over other sectional doors are

  • Little installation space required
  • Suitability as an interior door
  • Low maintenance
  • High speed option
  • Your choice of door