Garage Doors

We have a large range of garage door products. We provide doors ranging from single skin manual doors to insulated automatic doors. Just call us to discuss which product best suits your needs and budget.


  • Single skin manual roll up door
  • Single skin automatic roll up door
  • Insulated roller door
  • Insulated manual sectional door
  • Insulated electric sectional door

Single skin manual roll up door:

These are the most basic and most common garage doors available on the market today. They offer you a cost efficient entry solution and look good on any garage. They are manually locked both internally and externally and roll up into a coil on the inside of your garage.

Single skin automatic roll up door

These are the same as above but are motorised and can be operated through remote control, buttons or by a key switch.

Insulated roller door

Insulated roller doors are used where a higher thermal performance is required. The advantages of these doors are the higher thermal performance, silence of operation including during windy conditions, and automated operation. Insulated roller doors are available in a large range of colours.

Insulated manual sectional doors (manual and automatic)

Insulated sectional garage doors are the highest quality garage doors on the market. This is because of their industrial-like style and the higher thermal performance enabled by its 42mm thick panels. They are also available in a large range of colours and have many operation options including remotes, key switch, induction loops, and push buttons.