Dynaco Rapid Roll Doors Ireland

Once you purchase a Dynaco door, you will never buy another brand again.

All our customers will testify to this.

Dynaco High Performance Doors is a world leader in high speed roll doors. This is evident in their safeness, low down time and complete thermal sealing which saves you money and conserves energy.


Safety Assured, Low Down Time & Choice

No rigid elements for safety of both equipment and personnel. Wireless Dynaco safety detector for added reassurance. Patented concepts and technology. EN13241.1. Door curtain absorbs impact without damage. Door will operate immediately after impact – no down time. Patented concepts and technology. Low energy costs. Internal and external use. Resists violent winds. Any environment can be catered for (Freezer, Cleanroom, Machine protection, emergency exit, logistics or distribution)

Dynaco Doors Industry Sectors

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