Our cleanroom doors are designed to meet all the requirements of a cleanroom operation. A superior seal around the perimeter of the door together with a fast opening and closing speed helps to maintain a hygienic environment, keeping contaminants out.

The fast cycle cleanroom doors also result in a more stable temperature by limiting the amount of air that can move from one area to another. This is vital to your production process and stored products as well as the comfort of your employees. The flexible PVC door curtain also ensures a constant pressure level. In addition to these benefits, better climate control leads to energy savings.

Cleanroom doors are slim and designed to be installed easily in tight spaces. They also have a certain aesthetic appeal.

Cleanroom & Pharmaceutical Door Clients

Features and Benefits

  • Superior seal around door perimeter.
    • Reduced loss of conditioned air.
  • Smooth and flexible door curtain.
    • Avoid accumulation of impurities.
  • Space saving design.
    • Easy to install in tight places.
  • Fast door cycle.
    • Saves energy.
  • Flexible door curtain.
    • Maintain constant pressure levels.
  • Smooth door curtain with stainless steel structure (optional).
    • Easy to clean.