Aluminium Profile Systems

If you’re looking for a way to make your shop front stand out from the crowd, we could be the solution you’ve been looking for. At BK Doors we specialise in aluminium shop fronts, all our designs are made to measure and bespoke. We offer a full installation service for all our products, so we’ll take care of everything from start to finish.

All our shop fronts are made to the highest standards and with the best quality materials. We only use top grade products because we know that when you’re in business you need your aluminium shop front to last a long time.

One key feature of aluminium as a material is that it is extremely versatile, easily allowing for the creation of unique structures. Aluminium also provides good thermal and acoustic insulation for buildings, has low maintenance requirements, and is environmentally friendly as it is easily recycled. All these factors mean significant cost savings in the long run for your business.

From retail to corporate, we have experienced staff who can create the ideal front for any type of business.




LB35 Profile: The profile that makes a difference

The LB 35 profile represents the top of its its class with sturdiness and lightness unparallel by other operators. The LB35 profile in combination with Eterna makes it possible to create doors with a sleek design .The leaf profile for glazing goes up to 28mm thickness. Different type of latches and locks can be installed on this profile.


LB50 Profile: Strength and Elegance combined

The LB50 is the most common LABEL profile used by large scale retailers, buildings with high pedestrian traffic and in all crowded public spaces. The automations of these extremely sturdy doors are of the utmost importance. All of this without losing sight of design and taking the utmost care with surface finish.