One of the major challenges faced by public transport depots and airport hangars is the wind. Strong winds easily find their way into these places. BK provides wind resistant, high speed doors to make working in such an environment a lot more comfortable. They offer 24/7 protection against extreme weather conditions.

Our short cycle doors cater to the fast paced, strictly scheduled operations of such environments. Sensor controlled automatic opening and closing means more streamlined traffic flow as well as energy efficiency.

Of course, safety is of the highest priority in these depots and our doors contribute to it by being flexible in the curtain, so that a collision causes little or no damage to either a person or equipment.

Our doors are low on maintenance and the ingenious self-reinserting device installed in them means less time working on damage to the door.

Features and Benefits

  • High opening and closing speeds.
    • To optimise traffic flow.
  • Sensors control automatic opening and closing.
    • Results in higher energy efficiency.
  • Self-repairing mechanism.
    • Reduces time needed to fix the door.
  • Flexible curtain.
    • Increases employee and equipment safety.
  • Superior seal around the perimeter.
    • Gives complete protection against bad weather.
  • Large dimensions available.
    • Doors are suitable for exterior use.