BK Doors will help to optimize your workflow and ensure your logistics run smoothly and efficiently. Our roll up doors are safe, speedy and require little or no maintenance. They are ideal for use in warehouses where there is heavy inbound and outbound traffic.

Anyone who has worked in a warehouse will tell you how cold it can get in the winter months. Our high-speed doors help to minimize that cold. They also help to keep out vermin and other rodents. Our roll up doors operate under all weather conditions: wind, rain, snow and heat are all resisted.

To further improve efficiency, our doors can be equipped with smart sensors and automatic commands. Also, there is no need to worry about size as we provide doors of all dimensions. We understand that safety is paramount in any working environment which is why we provide flexible curtains that minimise potential injuries. We also help you to avoid down time through a simple but ingenious self-inserting mechanism which allows the door to repair itself by simply opening and closing it.

Features and Benefits

  • Fast cycle.
    • Traffic flows are optimised.
  • Smart sensors.
    • Automatic opening and closing leads to efficiency.
  • Weather resistant.
    • Maintain operations under any conditions.
  • Self-reinserting door curtain.
    • Avoid down time.
  • Flexible curtain.
    • Avoid injuries to personnel