One of the main hazards faced by cold storage workers is ice. There is a constant risk of slipping on it and doing damage to your person and/or equipment. Prevention is the solution.

BK’s cold storage, high speed roll-up doors are equipped with electric heating cables in the side posts to eliminate the problem of icing in the side guides. For added protection against ice and condensation, we offer an insulating curtain on the warm side. As with all our doors we make customer and employee safety our highest priority.

Our tightly sealed, fast cycle doors help to keep the temperature stable and energy consumption to a minimum. Conditioned air is kept in and warm air kept out.

Our cold storage doors are long lasting and efficient: they contain few wearing parts and their operation can be automated.

Features and Benefits

  • Short door cycle and tight seal.
    • Reduces energy consumption.
  • Heated side posts and insulating curtain.
    • Reduces icing and helps to optimize your cold storage operation.
  • Self-fixing door mechanism.
    • Reduces down-time and maintenance.
  • Flexible door curtain.
    • Reduces the risk of injury and/or damage to equipment or goods.
  • Few wearing parts combined with outstanding performance.
    • Long life-time guaranteed.