Retail & Shop Doors - Flexible High Speed Roll Up Doors

If you are looking for a roll up door for your shop, showroom, supermarket or dept. store, we have the solution.

A retail environment, by definition, means customers and their comfort and safety should be a priority. Our high speed, flexible roll up doors keep the draught out with minimum risk to customers and employees.

Climate control is important if you want your customers to have a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience. Our interior, fast cycle roll up doors do just this by sealing your storage room off from your showroom or shopping area.

To meet safety requirements an emergency exit can be integrated with your roll up door.

You can even make your interior door a part of your marketing drive by putting pictures of products on it as well as info on your latest promotions.

Retail Clients

Over the years, BK Doors have had the pleasure to work with some of Ireland largest retailers.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed opening and closing and superior seal.
    • Keeps draught out.
  • Improved climate control.
    • Means a more comfortable environment for customers and employees.
  • Doors open and close vertically.
    • Saves space.
  • Integrated emergency exit.
    • Improved safety for customers and employees. Meet safety requirement and regulations.
  • Flexible curtain.
    • Improved safety for both personnel and equipment.