Automatic Doors

At BK Doors we use only the highest quality hardware to complete your project. Our focus is on safety, control, and performance. That’s why we only offer certified doors manufactured and tested in the EU and are EN16005 approved.

The LABEL Automatic Sliding Doors system creates and maintains a safe, secure environment for your building, opening, and closing automatically coming in and out of the premises. The LABEL products are rugged and built to handle the daily wear and tear of busy environments. Eterna performed superbly during durability tests thanks to its new brushless motor, exceeding 2,000,000 continuous operation cycles.

Eterna 90: Slimline Electric Sliding Door door systems for 90kg door leaves.

Eterna 90 is the newest automation for lightweight sliding doors. It features an updated design and is extremely compact in size at just 100 mm in height by 135 mm in depth. Its compact size creates an elegant design and a slender structure with LABEL’s sturdiness still in place. At the heart of the system the new digital engine can minimize consumption both during operation and in stand-by mode.

Eterna 150: Slimline Electric Sliding door systems for 150kg door leaves.

The Eterna 150 is a new automation for sliding and telescopic doors, designed to ensure the utmost quietness, fluidity of movement and reliability.

This automation was designed with the greatest possible attention to detail and includes a double wheel carriage for greater leaf stability and a soundproofed sliding guide. Eterna is equipped for the optional use of a battery for emergency opening and electric lock which can be of three types: fail secure, fail safe, bistable.