Hygiene is a major priority in any food processing environment. BK’s door curtains are smooth and flexible so that cleaning them is easy.

A superior seal around the perimeter of the door combined with a short cycle also helps to keep out dirt, dust, insects and contaminants. The roll up door can be installed with a stainless steel structure and side posts which prevents accumulation of impurities and allows you to reach optimum levels of hygiene.

Climate control is also very important if your warehouse is storing food products. The high-speed door with superior seal ensures that conditioned air stays in and outside temperatures stay out. In this way, the ‘cold chain’ areas are preserved and food quality is protected.

A high processing speed is also important if you want to keep food products fresh. Our fast action doors will help to ensure this.

Production efficiency, processing speed, hygiene and respect for the cold chain are crucial in every food processing environment. DYNACO high speed doors help to meet those requirements.


Food Clients

Some of our valued clients from within the food industry are shown below. BK Doors are experts at providing the right solutions for your food business.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to clean door curtain.
    • Allows you to meet hygiene requirements.
  • Fast door and superior seal.
    • Helps to prevent contamination.
  • Respect for the cold chain.
    • Keeps your food products fresh.
  • Selfrepairing door mechanism.
    • Minimizes down time.
  • Flexible curtain.
    • Helps to keep employees free from physical harm.