Loading Bay & Docking Equipment

At BK Doors we provide a robust and durable range of dock equipment and we offer both new and retro fit for existing loading bays to enhance both performance and safety.

Our dock equipment offers the most robust levellers for the most demanding of dock operations. We believe in long lasting durable equipment to cope with the day to day demands of dock operations. We can manufacture levellers to any size or specification and can replace broken levellers in just one day. We also provide heavy duty dock seals with hi-viz strips for ease of use and have a large range of high end equipment at very competitive prices.


  • Electro hydraulic dock leveller
  • Dock seals
  • Fixed dock shelter
  • Collapsible dock shelter
  • Traffic lights
  • Dock lights
  • Vehicle wheel locks
  • Dock bumpers
  • Wheel alignment guides

Please contact us to talk about which products best suits your needs.