Insulated Roller Doors

Insulated roller shutters are very similar to standard roller shutters except, in the former,  a higher degree of thermal resistance is required. Like roller shutters, they only require a small amount of head room and are very easy to operate


  • Heavy duty industrial insulated roller door
  • Insulated roller door standard


25mm twin walled aluminium latte with a cfc free foam to reduce heat loss and sound transmission. Lattes are held in place with a high strength end cap. Bottom Latte incorporates a 25mm rubber seal to prevent water ingress and draughts.

Plates and Barrels

Barrels are made from 75mm octagonal, providing greater strength than traditional barrels. Plates come in either heavy duty aluminium or galvanised steel finish and also come finished to any required colour.


Guides come in both aluminium and galvanised steel. They have a dense brush strip insert to improve insulation and an additional neopream strip for ultimate draught protection.


Both curtains and guides come in a large range of colours to provide your opening with any desired look.

Please contact us and we will happily discuss your ideal insulated roller door solution.